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2017 Educational Program

Attendance Policy for all Educational Seminars

    In fairness to our speakers and audience, as well as to satisfy the Continuing Education requirements of each state and the Academy of Professional Funeral Service, the following policies will be strictly enforced:

If you enter a seminar fifteen (15) minutes after it has begun, you will not receive credit for that session.

The national office has implemented a barcode scanner system to verify attendance at all sessions. Therefore, only those states that require the use of State Approved Forms will have a paper CEU form. All other attendees will have virtual forms. The scanners have been programmed to automatically shut down fifteen (15) minutes after a session has started. Sign-in sheets that are “State Specific” will be located outside of each course room. These sheets will  also be removed fifteen (15) after the session has begun.

State Specific Continuing Education Unit (CEU) forms will be authorized at the end of each session. Only one (1) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) form will be authorized per attendee. At the close of the last educational session of the convention, a member of the Education Commission will be available to collect the forms and place the final NFDMA authorization on your Continuing Education Unit (CEU) form to verify the hours you received.

In the event that you must leave the convention early, it is your responsibility to communicate this to the Education Commission and return your State Specific Continuing Education Unit (CEU) form to the Education Office to ensure you receive the final NFDMA authorization on your  Continuing Education Unit (CEU) form, verification of the hours you received and your Certificate of Attendance.

All attendees are responsible for filing the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) form with the appropriate state licensing authority and the Academy.

At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees will be notified when they are able to download attendance records from the national website. A certificate of attendance will be provided to each  attendee who participates in the Educational Seminar.

Keynote Speakers

James Enos "Jim" Clyburn

Congressman | Bio | Outline

Dr. Edith C. Churchman, CFSP

Speaker | Bio | Outline

Dr. Kathleen Hall

Speaker | Bio | Outline

Breakout Session Speakers

Vernie R. Fountain, CFSP

Speaker | Bio | Outline

Leida M. Speller, CFP

Speaker | Bio | Outline

Matt Smith

Speaker | Bio | Outline

Shawn'te C. R. Harvell, CFSP

Speaker | Bio | Outline

 EduTalks Speakers

Ernest C. Adams, Jr., CFSP

Patty Hutcheson, CFSP

Cheryl V. Anderson, CFSP

Speakers | Outline

Daryl Wallace

Speaker | Bio | Outline

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